Gordon or Hopkins?

PPR. I’m already keeping Jordan Howard in the 11th. Picking 6th.

Assuming Bell, Gurley, DJ, Zeke and AB all go before me, in my mocks I’ve been seeing Melvin Gordon, Barkley and Hopkins sitting there.

I don’t feel comfortable with Barkley just yet so it’s between Gordon and Hopkins for me.

As I stated, I’m already keeping Howard.

Who ya guys like there???

Hopkins over Gordon

Depends on who you want in the second round, most likely the best players will be wr. Mike Thomas Keenan Allen and davante Adams, and all the 2nd teir rb will be gone.

Agree. Hopkins over Gordon for me. Loved him last year but some games he was a total bust for me. Hopkins seems to produce no matter the QB situation

Gordon. Last elite workhorse RB, and plenty of good top end WRs in the 2nd. Just did a draft, went Melvin Gordon, MT. that’s a HELL of a start and one that is very achievable.

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Barkley > Gordon > Hopkins. Hopkins is a distant 3rd, and there are probably several other players available I’d prefer (depending in keepers).

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Guess you missed 2016?

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Unless you plan on drafting “funny” then I’d go Gordon here. It has more to do with the depth at WR in the 2nd and 3rd round than stacking your RB position. I’m higher on Gordon as a bell cow back, especially considering he’s secured 40 and 50 receptions in the last two seasons. He’s still being undervalued as a 3 down back, and being able to pair him with Howard gives you a solid 1 - 2 punch. And if MT is there in the 2nd, then you add him to an already solid core and proceed from there.

Gordon + MT > Hopkins + Miller/Collins

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Or Gordon + Allen/Adams/Julio/AJG

By a lot.

The comparison isn’t Gordon + MT vs Hopkins + Miller.

It’s just Hopkins vs Gordon cause you can get MT in the 2nd regardless.

If this was OBJ, would be much easier for me to just OBJ > Melvin Gordon. With Hopkins, it’s closer. I still prefer Hopkins maybe slightly but that’s only because I like to run Zero RB drafts. And running a Zero RB draft with Howard in the 11th, is already miles ahead of what I would normally be getting.

But it’s close for me and definitely couldn’t argue too much against going Gordon. He is definitely a stud RB.

Why would you draft Collins/Miller over CMC/Cook/Fournette/Dfreeman?



Diggs in round 3?

You should absolutely be looking at picks this way. But if you want to say it’s MT in the 2nd either way, then you extend it out.

Gordon, MT and Cooper/Freeman/Drake/etc or Hopkins, MT and Freeman/Drake/ETC.

How is that the right way to look at picks? That makes absolutely zero sense. In what world are you drafting Miller/Collins over MT? Unless its a start 1 WR league, that is just an incredibly silly way to compare things.

You’d have to extend out to the 5th/6th round if you want to try and take miller/collins into the equation cause that’s when guys like Miller/Collins get taken. And by that point, is when I’d say you consider whether or not zero RB is for you or not. And you’d have to consider going to even maybe the 8th round to fully consider what your roster might look like.

In a keep league, my guess is none of them but Freeman will be there, but I didn’t scrutinize what players he chose either. There may be better players available, but I’d still almost certainly rather have Gordon and the 2nd round WR than Hopkins and a 2nd round RB.

I’m not. See my last response.

I’m using an example, and not an air tight one but illustrated the point I’m trying to make. With the expected 4 backs coming off the board and a likely handful of backs being kept in the top 25, that means going Hopkins puts him at risk of drafting a back he may rather avoid at 2.05

Either way, the point I was making is it’s often harder to nit pick which first round talent should I get, but when you start looking at how the choice may impact the core of your team, it may make a difference. Take the names out of the equation, the fact remains that I’d prefer Gordon not because Hopkins isn’t worth picking there, but because I like how my team shapes up with Gordon/Howard already.

I agree with thinking about how your team shapes up for sure. But you can’t just compare MT to Miller. That’s a 1st/2nd round talent to a 4th/5th round guy. It’s not apples to apples. I am a huge proponent for drafting BPA in first 3-4 rounds regardless of positional need because I think reaching in those rounds is the most damaging to your team vs reaching later. Which is why I implement the Zero RB approach a lot this year when drafting from late position. I can reach in later rounds for RBs that others may not be willing to. If you want to actually do an appropriate comparison, I think you have to really try and think about what your team looks like after 7-8 rounds. Not just the 2 picks you have outlined. Based on current ADPs, I think the below compositions are pretty fair/realistic representations of what you might be able to get.

WR: Hopkins, JJ/Allen/MT, Diggs/Hilton/Hill/Cooper, Landry/Arob/M Jones
RB: Howard, Miller/Drake/Royce, Ingram/Lynch/Kerryon/Sony, Burkhead/Williams


WR: JJ/Allen/MT, Diggs/Hilton/Hill/Cooper, Fitz/Juju/Flash, Landry/Arob/M Jones
RB: Gordon, Howard, Ingram/Lynch/Kerryon/Sony, Burkhead/Williams

Pretty close for me personally now that I’ve built it out but I prefer the 1st option slightly cause I’m not that big on the 4th round WRs, and really love the WRs in rounds 1-3. Definitely a higher risk roster, but can definitely really pay off if you hit on someone like Kerryon/Michel/lynch.

Wow thanks for the breakdown. Appreciate it.

What I’ve been seeing in the mocks is:

Hopkins at 6:
RBs - Howard, then usually Lynch, Dion Lewis, Burkhead, Duke Johnson
WRs - Hopkins, Allen/Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill/Doug Baldwin, Josh Gordon, then I’ve been snagging up Edelman and guys like Devin S. scrumptious

Keep in mind this is a 3 WR league with an additional flex. So if I essentially could go Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Baldwin and Josh Gordon…Howard at RB1 then just ride the hot PPR RB or work the waiver for the next Kamara.

Only reason I’m leaning this way is RBS have a slighter chance of getting injured.

Just what I’m leaning towards today. That might change before Tuesday’s draft.

The way I see it I rather have a tier 1 WR than a tier 2 RB with Howard already on the team. But it’s however you want to build your team, the core you want.

This is such a decision, but my vote is Gordon over Hopkins. Hopkins is a beast, but Gordon is a solid RB1. Rivers will keep the defenses honest, and Gordon is a three-down RB with a line that has only gotten better.