Gordon or Sanu? PPR

Sanu seems steady vs Gordon boom or bust. Already went up against Jeffries who did well. I keep waffling if we need the home run swing. Rest of roster if it matters.

QB- A Goff
RB- J Mixon
RB- J Howard
WR- A Brown
WR- J Brown
TE- Ebron (or Njoku is Ebron is out)
FL- Gordon or Sanu (or A Jones)??
DST- Jaguars

Thoughts? Thanks.

For me the question is, does Brady want to get Gordon the ball amd will he be able to. I say yes and if that’s the case I’ll go Gordon over Sanu.

I would even say Sanu is just as Boom/bust as Gordon, only Gordon is a bigger boom…

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Gordon is mos def a bigger boom haha, and I do think in my gut this could be his coming out party. Could be 100 points in this game and he’ll be a part.

But Sanu has been consistent, 5-10 targets/week and 15+ PPR points 3 weeks in a row w a cake matchup vs TB where slot wrs do great. I wanna go w Gordon but I guess I’m still leaning towards playin it safe. But I WANT to play Gordon and see him go off. Ungh lol.

Ballers said if you can’t start Gordon this week against Kc, then when?

Against KC? Gordon!

This game is going to be points on points on points.
KC is not great against the deep ball and won’t be able to put enough pressure on Brady.
I think he’ll have the time and throw at least a couple 20+yard passes that I imagine Gordon will take down.

Sanu should benefit too but I actually think is a more risk play this time around. I have Calvin Ridley and am debating if I want to take the gamble who’s the big cat for this game.

True, but they were also comping to someone like Anderson, not Sanu.

I think both will be shootouts and Sanu’s role in the slot and # of routes/targets is more of a sure thing, but Gordon vs KC is def hard to resist, hence the waffling.

Haha I hear you.

If I just have to weigh in on both quarterback skill and player skills I’d give the advantage to Gordon on both ends.

Both have amazing potential to be shootouts. Both defenses are bad. So when debating it all I’d just keep the slant toward Gordon.

Yeah both great matchups, just wish I knew for sure how involved Josh will be. Was getting excited when I thought Hogan would be out. He and Dorsett need to go away. Prob wind up starting Josh, just too tempting that he finally has his breakout game.

Haha I feel for you. <3
I think Edelman, Gronk & White are going to have the big games for receptions.
Michel will move the chains.
But Gordon I still have a good feeling on taking off on a couple big plays. KC cannot tackle so if he gets a 15 + yard reception he is skilled enough to take off with it.

Best of luck whatever choice you make!

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