Gordon Out What to do?

With Gordon out should I play Ekeler or Ware in my Flex. I have Gurley and Lindsay locked in at RB. P.S…1st week of 4 team playoffs

Is it confirmed that he’s out? I doubt he plays but there was some optimism that he could play this week. I have Ekeler in myself over Ware this week, as a Gordon owner too. Ekeler really stunk it up last week but he’s better than that and has a great home matchup and a chance to redeem his poor play from this past game. Ekeler for me.

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I’ve been leaning Ekeler myself. I’m 1st seed playing 4th seed this week who’s team is substantially weaker than mine. I would rather see Gordon sit out this week and return healthy for my championship against a much stouter team. The toughest part is that if Gordon plays I have to put him in my lineup and a setback probably won’t cost me this week but definitely will next week.

The Rivers Ekeler stack could be big this week.

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Funny story behind that. The 2 other powerhouse teams that are in 2nd and 3rd did not want to play each other but I was locked in at 1st place so 3rd place tried losing week 13 on purpose to change the seeding so he would have an “easier” matchup week 14. He is the Mahomes owner so in the process he picks up a lower level QB and dropped Rivers off his bench. I was stuck with Ryan and Prescott til that point. That one move could cost him the championship. And by the way 4th place lost too…their records remained the same and he’s still 3rd place.

Nothing worse than shooting yourself in the face in fantasy. Sometimes doing nothing at all is the best strategy. Your friend may have just over strategized his way out of the title by gifting you Rivers.

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Light shined down from Heaven at that moment. Lmao