Gordon Out...who replaces him?

Who’s taking over for Josh Gordon? Apparently he was abusing some substances.

Probably a combo. I’m sure they’ll just spread his targets around. Gronk +2, Edelman + 2, Hogan +1, Rex +1, White +1. CP maybe +2?

Nobody. This is a situation to completely avoid. Gronk is no longer the Gronk we knew. There’s no deep threat now so defenses will play up. The Rb situation fantasy wise is an absolute random mess. Unless you’re in a PPR league, Edelmen is borderline unstartable. The NE offense is too up in the air to try and guess especially for your championship week.

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Facing another suspension. I’d say he’s done. The guy could have been one of the greatest ever. Instead he was just a flash in the pan.

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@DoddSquad I think you hit it on the head. We were already seeing that when he was there, and removing him only complicates things more.


Flash in the pan, nice pun.

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It’s what I do… Both poorly and very obviously. :frowning:

Do you not think that Brady will have to rely more on Gronk and Edelman with Gordon gone?

Gronk is a shell of himself he can’t be relied on in any capacity. Edelman isn’t a deep threat and defenses will key in on him. The running back situation is up in the air. I mean, hell, James Develin is getting TDs instead of Sony Michel. I recommend avoiding all Patriots offensive personnel.

Sorry to hijack - I ask b/c I had planned on playing Edelman, but have Robinson and Anderson as options.

If its ppr you play Edelman. Gronk is still going to draw coverage even in his current state and as long as Brady is at QB then Edelman will be factored in.

nah, standard

Not as good in standard , but what are your options?

SMH!!! Gordon’s been given 1200 chances. He’s apparently not gonna be able to be “strong” enough to decide his “career” is stronger than his addictions!!! I agree…he’s got to be done!!!

So sad!!! This guy could have had a career to go on the record books!!! He’s been amazing when he could actually play. BUT…SMH…such a shame!!! Such a waste!!!

Allen Robinson and Robby Anderson
Corey Davis also in there

You should be alright. Robby looks like a decent play this week and Robinson hasn’t been bad this year.

so you would roll Anderson over Edelman?

I think I like Jets at home better than I do Pats against a good Bills def. I think Edelman is a better safe play. I think his floor is higher. Robby has a better shot at a big game or a dud. Bills are a better team I think now then they were last time they faced but I will say Edelman went for 9-100+ last time against the Bills so it’s not like he can’t be a good volume play.