Gordon over Green // Collins over Hunt?

Hey everyone,

I’m in a 2-week PPR playoff and I’m down by 30 to start this week.

I’m tempted to play Josh Gordon over AJ Green based on matchups…and I still have trouble with Kareem Hunt - do I play him or one of Perine/Collins/Burkhead?

Green always has the potential to be the number one of the week. Against the steelers he had a amazing first half and a huge TD called back. I would also stick with hunt.

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Yeah - I hear you about Green - just worried about the CB matchup and how he got shutdown in the second half last week. I think I’m just trying to play the shiny new toy. I haven’t plugged Gordon in yet.

Think it would be silly to sit your star… He could go off just as easy as Gordon could. The same thought with thinking you should play Collins over Kareem… Hunt has the potential to score 30 points he is that good of a running back.