Gordon owner curious about Ekeler

So, I’ve got my boy Melvin Gordon and all this usage and Ekeler productivity has me actually wanting the handcuff (normally I really don’t want handcuffs). I see the value in it, but I’m wondering if any of my trade options would even be worth it.

.5 PPR I’ve got the following RBs
Zeke, Gordon, Kerryon, Aaron Jones, RoJo, and a Bell stash.

Based on the Ekeler owner’s roster he’s most definitely going to want an RB cause he doesn’t have a lot going on there so that pretty much leaves Kerryon and Aaron Jones as the only likely trade options and I like their upside. Is having Ekeler as a handcuff worth giving up Kerryon or A. Jones?

I have Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler on my roster. I wouldn’t give up Kerryon or Aaron Jones for Ekeler. I like Ekeler’s production, and I plan on actually throwing him in my lineup here and there, possibly even this week coming up. He’s not worth a starter though. Kerryon could finish the season very strong. Aaron Jones is on one of the best offenses in the league, touchdowns will come.

Ekeler is scoring himself as well, if you really have your mind set on him I would rather trade Jones, but as I mentioned before I don’t think he is worth the starters you have. He is performing well but I don’t see this turning into Kamara/Ingram from last year.

If Ronald Jones has a nice point total next week I would trade him for Ekeler. He got some snaps this week finally.

Thanks, that’s along the lines of what I was thinking but since I’ve never really owned handcuffs I wasn’t really sure what kind of value they have. He’s by no means a guy I feel like I need to have but wasn’t sure if I should change that.

I snagged Ronald Jones last second when I saw he was actually going to be playing in the hopes of some productivity and he’s the only RB that I think I’d be comfortable trading for Ekeler but since he still hasn’t done anything, that probably wouldn’t happen.

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LOL I actually offered the Gordon owner Ekeler for Keryon, and he ignored me. But he is a jerk. I figured a valuable startable flex/handcuff such as Ekeler (2018 version of Danny Woodhead) is worth more to him than me… The PPR upside is huge, but Gordon is eating up more and more passing down work…

Otherwise I am rolling with Ekeler as a match-up dependent/bye week fill in.