Gordon owners, should I grab Ekeler? Or Burkhead?

Footclan! Here are my RBs

Freeman, Drake, Gordon, Booker, and Darkwa


  • Should I pick up Ekeler as a handcuff?
  • Should I pick up Burkhead instead?
  • Who should I drop?
  • I could pick up both and drop Booker & Darkwa.

Bump for the morning crew!

I grabbed Ekeler. While I think Gordon keeps the job Ekeler has been too effective in the last 3 weeks to ignore. If you have to drop 1 of the RBs to grab Ekeler i’d drop Darkwa, Booker would be fine too. My best guess is the giants nose-dive and darkwas value goes out he window. Hopefully with simien the broncos get slightly better. That said they’re both guesses, but also neither is likely to be a huge free agent target this late in the year.

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Right. Worst case scenario is this becomes a timeshare. I was going to grab Ekeler for as handcuff in case Melvin went down. Especially the way he’s been playing, he’d be the guy if Gordon got injured.

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The other alternative is just grabbing Burkhead who hs stand alone value, unlike Ekeler who only becomes relevant if Gordon went down.

my issue on burkhead and the ballers have called it out is he’s either a big game or no game. You have just as good of a shot as playing Gordon and Ekler and getting points out of both at this stage as you do gordon and burkhead.

I have Gordon. Had Gordon last year, and when he down end of season last year I grabbed his backup/handcuff. he did nothing as starter. Ekeler is probably better than last year’s backup, but I focused instead on getting a team’s RB1 instead. So my other RBs (other than Hunt, my RB2) are Mixon, Crowell, and Darkwa. each I think is better than Ekeler, so if Gordon goes down I feel safe,

So you would grab Burkhead instead of Ekeler?

Yes, I would. Are there other RBs available? My biggest worry with Burkhead is the way NE uses RBs but yes, I’d add Burkhead over Ekeler. Who else is available… eg, is Booker? He’d be someone I would consider (in fact, I am thinking of replacing Darkwa with him… once his waiver is up).

Gore, Powell and Quizz are on waivers. Aaron Jones is as well! Maybe pick him up?

I actually already have Booker on my bench. :slight_smile:

Not that excited about Powell and Rodgers, RBBC at best. And Jones is recovering and getting into a thicker RBBC (WIlliams, Montgomery back soon). Gore is worth considering. i’d go Burkhead out of all your choices if it was my team. Hope this helps and good luck!

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