Gordon possibly playing

Play Gordon as a flex or wait a week?

I’d wait if I can help it, but who are your other options?

I’d say take the risk if you’re willing. They haven’t said whether he’d be starting or not (not yet). My guess is, (with Justin Jackson being out) that Ek and him will probs split 50/50, or the snaps would be in favor of Ek by a little bit more. It’s up to you if you wanna take a bit of a risk. I’m a chargers fan, so I’ll letcha know if I get an update that you don’t see

In for inside information! I have ek and MG >.<

Pumped to get Melvin back. Had Justin Jackson in flex. Would love some more info on this. I have Chris carson, Darrel Williams, James White and Melvin to fill 2 RB and one flex spot. Thanks in advance for info. Standard scoring

I am gonna say wait a week. Only because he tends to be injury prone so I would like to think they arent going to risk his health when they are playing the Dolphins.

Yeah I picked up Darrel Williams for the week with Bell having a bye

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I doubt he gets much run this week playing the Dolphins having reported 2 days ago… I’d avoid this week… next week he’s green light go

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I am too, sticking with Williams in KC