Gordon, Saquon, Fornette, or Brown?

Need help with the first pick in my keeper draft this weekend. I’m picking number 3 overall in a .5ppr, my keeper is McKinnon in rd. 15 (of 15). Of the top rbs available the only ones not being kept are Saquon, Gordon, and Fornette . While Antonio Brown is available as well. Who would you pick and why?

I like Gordon in a half point. He’s on a better team than Saquon and has a known workload. Fournette is less of a pass catcher as well. I don’t think you’d be wrong to take Saquon but its just the known aspect of Gordon’s game that makes me lean his direction

I go Barkley. I made this decision last night and went Barkely. Barkley talent wise is beyond almost everyone. He is an absolute freak athlete with fantastic RB skills and talent as well. He will catch a ton of balls as well. Since this is a keeper I tend to look at the future as well and he is 21 years old with no major injuries(knock on wood). Gordon is great and you know what you will get, but I think he is at his peak right now and he has had a major knee injury. Barkley is a generational talent for sure

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All three backs will be featured in their offenses. But Barkley and Fournette are just better options for me. While it may seem that Gordon is the clear pick in PPR formats, his receiving numbers weren’t much better than Fournette.

Fournette and Barkley are bigger guys and will be used more in the red zone and in goal line situations.

You can’t go wrong with AB in any format. But with this being a keeper league, you stand to miss out on a marquee RB if you don’t take one in the 1st round.

Barkley. Reception ability is there. He’s going to haul in some deep ones. Fournette, grabs will increase but what is he capable of other than swing passes? Seems like a waste with all that speed IMO. I had him last year and was waiting to see some deeper chunks now and then.

I had the same thought, however, I get to keep a player for up to 3 years losing a round each year I keep him- that said, I’m banking on Mckinnon being my keeper for the next few years, I got him on waivers last year so keeping him this year I just give up my last pick. I’m hoping he develops into an low end rb1 in Shanahan’s offense- but it is a bigger risk reward scenario. So I was thinking going with Saquon seems risker than Gordon and maybe I should pair the risky Mckinnon with a safer RB1?

I see, but Barkley is a generational type talent. If I had him I would ride until the wheels feel off.

I’m huge on Gordon. He’s due for a breakout season and at worst he’s a RB 8-12 guy. That consistency alone is worth it. My keeper is only 1 person then it goes to a normal snake so i have to let gordon go so I can keep Hopkins but i’m hoping he’ll be there when i get to pick as I have the second. If you don’t pick you go to a bonus round (probably 4 teams max going to it so far) and that’ll have Bell or Gurley (depending which one gets kept) plus kamara, hunt, Julio, OBJ (not owned due to injury) Dalvin cook (not owned due to injury) Gordon, Saquon, etc.