Gordon to the hawks

What does this do for fantasy?

As a Lockett owner I am bummed

I wouldn’t be to numbed. Now there’s Gordon and Metcalf to stretch the field to open it up for Lockett. He might now get a lot of big plays but he should see volume especially with Dissly being gone

He’s been in a lot of double coverage…this probably frees him up if anything

This does nothing for fantasy IMO.

Only one team…

Russell Wilson has been dreaming of a receiver like this…no more double coverage on defense…Its gonna be pick your poison Gordon deep , Lockett deep or Metcalf underneath

If Gordon is such a “threat” why would the Patriots not have kept him?

burn me once… shame on you…

burn me twice… shame on me…

burn me every single year because I owned you in that one magical season 6-1/2 years ago and I just can’t let it go… shame on… erm… all the things…

He’s got a similar skill-set as Metcalf… I don’t think he does anything to Lockett’s production… Metcalf just went for fringe bye week start to nope IMO… impact is minimal and he’s not worth picking up… let some other guy waste FAAB on him

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