Gordon vs Cook?, Redraft/Full PPR

I’m having a hard time deciding between these two RB’s with a late first round pick. I feel cook may have some more upset but I wanted to see what other people thought on the topic.

If it is full ppr I like Gordon a bit better, but they are both very close. I could see Gordon getting around 5-8 catches a game and Cook getting around 4-5. I like the Chargers offense a lot this year, but the Vikings D is very good and I can see Cook getting a lot of carries to eat up the clock. Just have to go with your gut and pick who you like better, but think you will be fine with either one.

Gordon for sure.

Gordon no question.

Yeah Gordon. No recent injury history, better team (more scoring opportunity), and larger sample of success. Both are great options, but G wins

Not necessarily true he has no injury history. Gordon has a history of injury. Nagging foot injury being the most concerning which will always likely have him miss a game or two or just play injured and not be effective. Having said that, his role in the offense is totally locked up and they force feed him. He has shown he is a top fantasy asset in PPR formats which is why I choose him no question.

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Gordon: higher floor, not coming off a major injury, in his prime.