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Gore for Crowell & Diggs/Howard


So I’m sitting pretty in my 10 man league with RB maybe not so much at wr…
First post on here!

Here is my line up 2qb:
Chris thompson




One of the other managers just offered me Crowell for Gore. I was mainly holding gore because he can play on each of Bells and Hunts bye weeks. Crowell has the same bye as hunt.

I also got offered Howard for Diggs from a separate manager.

What do u guys think?


I am in a bind myself. I have Crowell in 3 of my leagues and have felt the ache of watching him not performing against the Colts. THE COLTS. But I have a feeling that he will rebound later in the season when the Brows are winless and are hungry for some late scheduled garbage games, as this is typically when Elietes are benched to rest for the playoffs.


Decided to jump on that low ADP I see. I’m thinking he will step up but Duke did get a lot of attention last game…


Any other views?


Bump bump bump!


I think Diggs is the best player involved. I’d hold him. Crow for Gore feels like a lateral move.


Thanks for the response. Guess the trade wouldn’t actually be benificial to me for crow.


No, I don’t think it would


Ok, thanks for the response. Let me throw something out there a manager just proposed.

Martin for TY or Crabtree

And then possibly Murray for Baldwin after I told him no go for digs. Thoughts? Maybe a combo trade? I know I’m sitting strong at RB already but he’s really hurting at WR.

Thanks for the advice!


Also open to others opinions!!!


I’d be interested in selling TY for Martin, but I think you might be able to get a bit more. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to make a trade, unless you get obvious value. Your team looks stacked.