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Gore or Decker


Trying to figure out who to start. Gore will get some play time with a shaky Tolzien but the Colts will fall behind early so they might go away from the ground game. Decker is always an undervalued player but will he get enough balls his way with Rishard Matthews, Corey Davis, etc?

Standard Scoring…


I would play gore I don’t even think Donald will be playing so that makes him even more appealing


I was leaning toward Decker only for the possibility of being relevant through the entire game.


Decker gets a bump in standard. I’m sure you are just as excited as me to have the two red zone monsters come together. Mariota & Decker


Decker. He’s a td machine with an awesome red zone Qb. The colts offense could be non existing this weekend without luck :v:


Mariota is actually my QB too haha


Big Dick Decker