Got a decent trade offer.... Do I take it?

I get Nick Chubb, Keelan Cole and Will Fuller and trade away Tyler Boyd and David Montgomery. Full PPR

My RB’s are Mccafrey, Sanders, Montgomery, Chase Edmonds, Fournette and Boston Scott

My WR’s are Dhop, Diggs, Boyd and Chase Claypool

I would SMASH that accept button. Montgomery sucks. He just gets a lot of volume. But you’re not even going to start him most weeks. Chubb will be far better for you ROS.


I agree with @Branhammer.

Fuller, IMHO, has higher upside than Boyd but both have relatively the same floor due to the volume they receive.

Cole has been a surprisingly decent flex play at Times, so he will add WR depth for you.

Chubb will be ready to run falls over when he finally gets back, so he will be a great RB1.

I agree. I would SMASH that accept button as well. Fuller has more weekly upside than Boyd. Chubb will be better ROS than Montgomery and Cole is a nice addition. He is also dropable IMO.

Smash that