Got an interesting Trade offer

My last trade fell throught. but i just a new trade proposal

My Diggs for JoHO and mike evans FULL PPR

I like diggs alot. but this trade seems interesting.

What does the footclan think?

What’s the rest of your RBs and WRs look like? I right now say accept it because Howard is a steady back getting the reps but also as a Howard owner, he’s been underwhelming. Evans now with Jameis could also be a bit risky as well. But if your WRs can take the slight downgrade at WR and your RBs are thin I would do it. But all depends on roster construction.

I have CMC, brieda,clement,rojo and FOURNETTE IR

and for WR I have digs,theieln,baldwin,allison, and COle (Dropping him)

I think you absolutely need to make this trade. You are in desperate need for rb depth so Jordan Howard gives you some alleviation, I’m one of those people that still believe in Howard and see a trade target. But also considering the fact that you have both vikings receivers, I think this is a great move cause evans and diggs may more or so be lateral but now you have some diversification on your roster. I’m doing this trade easily.


Do it, I’m very happy as an Evans & Thielen owner in my League(PPR as well), Howard is straight up bonus in this trade.

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im just worried about the nagi offense schemes and how evans will do with Winston… but yea

I honestly dont think its a bad play WR 1.5 for WR 1.5 and then you get a low end RB2 at the end! Plus JOHO has been catching the ball this year more then in past. Yes he had a down game week 4 but he will bounce back, if not and he is traded he will go into a workhorse back position.

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I like it for u

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any other input?

i guess consensus says make this trade thanks guys