Got an offer but worried itll be vetoed (CMC)

We all know vetos shouldnt be a thing but I just was offered CMC for D. Harris and Renfrow. I think I need to like make it a better WR to not get vetoed even though the offer came to me.

Other WR AB Thielen Keenan, Diontae

Unless this is a friends and family league, quit immediately. Being afraid to make a trade because it will get veto’d is abuse you don’t need.

If this is a friends and family league, make the trade. If it’s veto’d, then lambaste your friends and family for being the worst fantasy football players in existence.

I mean its a competitive friends league there has just been collusion in the past, new commish this year. This wasnt colluding I just asked the guy if hed be down to trade him and thats what I got as an offer. I even asked if he wanted AB over renfrow so I guess I just do it and we’ll see