Got gurley

I acquired gurley and kupp last night for juju, CMC and Sony. Did I overpay to pair gurley with bell?

Not bad, but problem i) Bell is not playing and ii) You bought Gurley at his highest value and had to pay two RBish 1s to get him. Given that Sony is hurt, I don’t mind it, but I don’t love it.

this is a good trade and I wouldve done it given sonys situation right now

Who are your other RBs?
Congrats on the Gurley trade!

After the trade I’ll have gurley, kerryon ,Chris Thompson and bell little thin now but have power when bell returns

Dayum…well here’s hoping Bell does come back for you.
I like it.

If bell decides to just not come back I totally screwed myself. My thing was I’m happy about getting gurley from the 2nd place team while I’m in 5th looks like I should for sure win this week which should place me in a way better position. To start my run for the playoffs

I think you did great. Your rb2 situation actually looks really good to me. Just wait patiently on bell. He will be back.

That’s what I was thinking. I was hesitant on letting juju go but kupp is similar to me but gets less targets.