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Got myself in a pickle. HELP Please!


So ive managed to get myself in a bit of trouble in trading and wavering myself out of a kicker and don’t know who to cut in order to get one on my roster.
Any advice as to who to cut or package to trade ??

It’s an 8man 0.5ppr team.

Qb manning (stream). RBS hunt, Kamara, Freeman, Montgomery,martin. Wrs Evans, Cooper, Crabtree, Fitzgerald, theilen, m. Bryant, d. Baldwin. TE Graham. Kicker: VACANT. DST vikings (stream)

Duke Johnson is on waivers if that helps the situation


Only 14 roster spots? AND…REALLY…the DUKE is on the WW??? WOW. Also noticed that you don’t have a DST. Not familiar with this kind of League so a little hesitant to offer any advice. Sorry my friend. I know this doesn’t help.


Sorry amended post. My DST is the vikings. It’s a 1qb 2 wr 2 rb 1TE and 1 wr/rb flexwith a kicker and DST as the starting 9.

And ye Duke Johnson is someone I’d love but no way I have space for him and can’t justify dropping a rb for him


Ah. OK. Gotcha. WOW…IDK…I personally am a little unsure of Crabtree right now with Carr out. Hate to steer you wrong, but I reckon that would prob be my thoughts on it. AND…if he pans out and comes back as the Crabtree we all love…you might still be able to grab him back off WW. As for a K…Zuerlein is looking really good right now.


OK…just heard that M. Bryant is out. He’s not been real productive as of late…sooo…that might be another thought.


Greg the leg definitely doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Highly underrated for what he is worth. He’s currently the number 1 kicker in my ESPN and is an easy start every week as he’s consistently put up points for me including the 27 last week lol.

I’d drop or trade Kamara though. The rest of your RBs get the volume you need from them unless you’d rather keep him then I agree with Crabtree.


How close is the matchup? Do you have to play a kicker. I’ve sometimes just gone without a kicker when I’m in your situation. I pretty much drop my kicker every week for a waiver pickup and then decide on Sunday who I want to drop for a kicker BUT sometimes the matchup is largely in my favor going into Monday night and I go without a kicker. Or…

  1. I like Kamara, but he’s on a bye this week…you can always try to get him back later.
  2. Bryant was supposed to be the shiznit, but hasn’t. He would be the second person I would consider.
  3. I’m not usually a big fan of stacking WRs on the same team. I would look to trade Cooper or Crabtree to free up some space…maybe even package either of them with Kamara.
  4. If you’re really desperate for a win, you could wait til Monday night to see where your matchup is and drop Kamara or Theilien for either the Bears or Vikings kicker if they are out there.


I’ve managed to get the gronk owner to agree in principal to give me gronk for crabtree and Kamara. He’s thinking about it but think that could work out well. Doesn’t effect my team this week except allows me to take a kicker. Try and move on Graham after the matches for his bye

My original plan was like 4. And wait and see if I needed the kicker but after Evans and martin played I’m worried about his ty Hilton and hopkins going off so preparing to play everyone I can


Deal has gone through. Thanks for the help.
Kicker is in and I have gronk. That’s a win win I’d say :smile:


Wow…can I be in your league? :joy::joy:


Congrats on making that work for ya!