Got offered a huge trade and I'm on edge about it

12 team, superflex, 0.5ppr


QB: Watson, J Allen
RB: McCaffrey, Carson, Gore, Montgomery
WR: Julio, Terry, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel
TE: Kelce, TJ

I was offered TY Hilton, Kittle, and Connor for Julio, Kelce, and Montgomery.

Now in any ordinary season I’d shoot this down immediately but here’s my thought.

Julio has been underperforming all year and now he’s about to lose Ryan. To top it off they have a tough schedule and a bye in 2 weeks. Hilton is on a team with momentum and although he hasn’t put up monster numbers he only has one game under 10 points.

Kelce has also been a big disappointment and has barely outscored Kittle this year. Kelce is also without his starting QB and Kittle has also has his Bye already.

Montgomery to Connor obvious massive upgrade.

Each player I get in return has an easier schedule ROS and they’ve ALL had their Bye weeks.