Got offered a Trade

I was offered Keenan Allen and TY Hilton for Melvin Gordon and Chris Carson… half PPR… I don’t need the depth at RB but i really like Gordon… am I just overvaluing the workhorse…

It’s also worth noting that I play the guy this week and his RB2 is Lynch @ Denver… should I jump on this trade, decline it, or let it soak for a other week.

Depends on your WR core. But I really like Gordon so I am on the no side of this trade

I think I’d lean towards Keenan Allen and TY Hilton. You’re not hurting at RB and those WRs can be game changers.
Allen gets peppered with targets and Hilton can be phenomenal when Luck gets back (might practice this week).
Who are your other RBs?

My RBs
Hunt, Gordon, Howard, Montgomery, Martin, Henry, Carson, Jacquizz

My WRs
DT, Pryor, Snead… lol I owned Edelman, ARob, and Kevin White as well soooo… yeah…

Obviously my opinion, but knowing this I would definitely would make the trade. You need better WRs and your depth seems really good.

DT = amazing WR 2
TP doesn’t seem to be building any rapport with Kirk.
Snead is a WR 3-4 in my opinion.

I would go for it. Looks like it would be a positive outcome for both of you. If you sat on it a week and they were still willing to make the trade, that would probably be ideal for your upcoming head to head.