Got offered Barkley and Hill for Gurley, full ppr

This is a tough one…
Rest of my roster is Cooks, Tate, Shepard, Fitz, Callaway at wr
Marshawn, D. Freeman, and Ty Mont. at rb.
Rest of his roster is D.Thomas, Godwin, M.Thomas, M.Williams, Funchess at wr
A.Jones, McCoy, Coleman, Powell at rb
He’s 3-2, 3rd place. I’m 2-3 (lost by 5 with Cooks 0), 6th place
Should I pull the trigger?
It would be tough to get rid of Gurley

You do need WR’s, but you can get them using a less valuable player. Tyreek isn’t good enough to make this trade something you ought to do imo. I wouldn’t give up Gurley for this, or at all.

This is super tough…gut feeling is to pass. With Cooks out it seems like a good deal to replace him with Hill but Gurley is freaking monster and even more so in Full PPR. I would just pick up someone of waivers like KeKe Coutee just in case Cooks isn’t gtg this week.

If Hill was MT, and you give Gurley + Tate, I think I’d do it.

To give up Gurley you need to get a top 5 WR and at least a top 8 RB in return. So Thomas and Barkley. And maybe need a top 5 rb too with how much gurley produces.

I would rather have Hill + Barkley than Gurley+Coutee. It’s close, but I think the upside of Hill edges it out.

So is Barkley. In fact, for full PPR, the gap between Gurley and Barkley actually shrinks. In Full ppr, Gurley isn’t even RB1, it’s Kamara. Then Gurley, then Gordon then barkley.

This is absurd. It’s full PPR. Saquon has been nothing short of a beast. In full PPR, the gap between Gurley and Barkley actually shrinks quite a bit cause Barkley is more involved in the pass game. Up until now, with gurley being the absolute monster that he is, has only outscored Barkley by 20 points through 5 weeks. Aka 4 points a game. You don’t think Hill is worth 4 points a game?

@Ace_Bruno I would definitely take this trade. Don’t be scared to trade away studs for the right price. Hill and Mahomes just went through their toughest back to back matchups on the season. We know what Hill and Mahomes are capable of. Starting Barkley/Freeman/Cooks/Hill/Tate is a monster boost to your team.

Now all of this assumes Barkley is healthy. He did look hurt after the game last week so I would def do you diligence there and make sure it wasn’t a serious injury before pulling the trigger but I would definitely make this trade.

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If this is full PPR then it’s tough… if it isn’t full PPR give me Gurley

Tyreek is top 10. Barkley is top 10. That’s 2 top 10’s for a #1. That’s a fair deal.