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Got offered CMC/Miller for Julio Jones in .5ppr. Help, deadline is tonight!


What do you guys think? My roster would be:

WR: Landry, Michael Thomas, Baldwin, Boyd, Fitzgerald, Keenan Allen

RB: Breida, Chubb, CMC, Miller, Hyde, Mostert, Tevin Coleman.


definitely do it


I also got offered Brees and Kareem Hunt for Julio and Breida. What do you think? Which trade do I take?


I would stick with the cmc and miller. Who is your QB rn?


Agree with @cegorelick


You take the Brees/Hunt deal with the remainder of your roster, I think the league is yours.


Who is your quarterback? That would also be key here in regards to the Brees deal. Also, how many do you start at each position?


I go Kareem hunt and brees, Hunt will continue to tear it up, and drew brees is always a good qb option


Take Brees + Hunt unless you already have a top 5 QB.