Got offered D.Thomas for my Coleman

My 4-3 team:
WR - AB, Thielen, Kupp, Goodwin, Callaway
RB - Kerryon, Jones, DJ, Coleman, Clement, Duke Johnson

His 3-4 team:
WR - Hopkins, Diggs, Sanders, D Thomas, Gordon
RB - Chubb, Collins, Breida, Smallwood, Smallwood

I guess he wants a more solid productive RB and he can afford to give up Thomas. I’m concerned though because Thomas is looking to be traded and he’s been quite inconsistent so far this season…

Given his major need at RB and the fact you are loaded at WR and good at RB, i’d play a little hardball here…

I’d counter for his Diggs and say take it or leave it. DT could be out of Denver and either way hasn’t looked great, Diggs has had two low games now but is still seeing a ton of targets his a great bye low. Given Coleman had a solid fantasy day i’d use him to get a good buy low candidate like Diggs back. Starting AB, Thielen and Diggs each week is a solid WR trio.

I know you’d have both Vikes WRs but honestly i don’t mind that at all, hopefully Kupp will be back by their bye in week 10 to slot in for one of them and you can flex someone else in from your RB/WR group.

That’s a solid choice, but do you really think I can afford to lose Coleman? I feel like only him and Kerryon would be my consistent fantasy production

I do see the concern for sure, are you any kind of PPR or half PPR by the way?

I think DJ and Kerryon will be okay for you ROS but this is why i would go for an every week starter like Diggs with a high ceiling for Coleman so you wont hurt too much losing him. Standard scoring i may shoot higher and go for Hopkins. If you can’t get someone that will be starting for you every week in any format I would pass and hold Coleman though i do agree there, you can afford to lose him but only if you get the right price

Sorry, 10 man full PPR

@MikeMeUpp need you insight here too buddy

Should I go for Gordon? Or would that be lopsided if I gave Coleman for only Gordon?

Full PPR I’d be happy getting a WR like Diggs for sure. I think Coleman for Gordon is giving too much IMO, i agree Gordon is a buy though but you’d want something else back but given your roster you’d want an RB depth piece and given his i don’t think you’d get anything worth having unless he gave you Breida or Collins - who i don’t love but at least they give you depth.

I’d prefer Diggs but if you can get this RB needy owner to overpay for Coleman then do so but i think Diggs would be a good result for your team.

Any insight on my sell high issue would be appreciated - OBJ - Buy low has closed but do we now sell high?

Try and get sanders or Gordon over DT. I’m not buying DT right now. I’m not even entirely convinced he won’t get replaced by Sutton. Sutton already has some really good air yard metrics. I bought him in redraft last week. And if DT gets traded, then I really like Courland sutton.

You could try and package coleman + Goodwin or Coleman + Clement or something. May not be enough but could be worth a try given he had smallwood. ANd if you get Gordon, go out on waivers and claim Sutton early. Or if Trequan smith is available, grab him too. In fact, even if you don’t get the trade through, go and grab suton or trequan over callaway/goodwin.

You don’t think I’m chasing points with Smith? Also I don’t know about Sutton, will he be consistent?

You reckon I could package Clement+Coleman for Diggs? Would that hurt me too much. I could try pick up Mack on waivers after the trade

No. Smith is the 3rd target on that offense now that Ginn is on IR. Brees has consistently produced fantasy relevant WRs as his slot receivers. Made a living throwing to those dudes.

The guy isn’t going to give up Diggs at all and isn’t interested in any 2 for 1 trades he said. I told him I am interested in his other receivers other than DThomas, and also mentioned I could offer him Clement since he already has Smallwood, but he said he’s not interested and probably dropping Smallwood

Sounds about right. I didn’t think smallwood or clement were really worth much $ to bid on to begin with.

I picked up Clement for free from Waivers 2 weeks ago so I didn’t spend anything on him.

I’m going to drop Callaway and pick up Trequan Smith. I took a gamble on Callaway and he simply hasn’t produced like I hoped he would. I’ll stash Goodwin for now.

Going back to this trade though

Do you guys think I could offer Coleman for Josh Gordon? Would that be giving up too much? He’s only interested in 1 for 1 trades

As a Gordon owner, I would turn that down. Coleman has looked pretty awful. If you could get it, I’d take it. Gordon is playing in like 90%+ of the snaps now. He’s the clear WR1 on Patriots.

He seems to want to plan ahead for bye weeks and needs an RB, so I counter offered for Gordon. Let’s see if he takes Coleman…He already has Nuk, Diggs and Sanders (Gordon was his flex this week), so maybe he wouldn’t mind giving him up