Got offered for Saquon. Need insight

I have Saquon in a league that I am now 0-3 and I know I need to make a change. 5pt QB Td and standard.

The offer: MY saquon for HIS Wentz, Tyrell Williams and Ekeler.

My team:
Brees Josh Allen,
Saquon, Mack, devonta Freeman, Miles Sanders
Hill, Kupp, Diggs, Robby Anderson, Gallup and Mclaurin
Vance Mcdonald and Waller

His team:
Lamar and Wentz
Zeke, Kamara, EkelerMostert
Julio, Ross, Ridley

I realize by trading him Saquon, his RB will be phenomenal and he doesnt wanna trade Julio (unless you guys have options). Wanted to get some thoughts. We get payouts per week and I’ve outscored by a 50+ points every week so far. Thanks fellas.

I’d prefer Wentz, Ridley and Ekeler.

I think you might be able to do better elsewhere.

I just dont know if I can afford to have Saquon sitting on the bench and I know no one will trade high for him given the 4-6weeks timeline. I know I’m selling low but more outta necessity.

Every 3-0 playoff team should be sending an offer to the manager with Barkley. If they haven’t than open up a dialogue and remind them what Saquon does and how winning playoff games works :slight_smile:

Your objective is slightly different. Need to get to the playoffs and Saquon doesn’t help you at all in accomplishing that goal.

Great minds think alike.

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My issue is the guy wants Barkley and he knows itll secure him playoff but at what cost to him. Trading him and leaving him with zeke, kamara, saquon and julio is bananas.

It’s annoying b/c everyone values him so diff now of course and my team will die with him sitting on my bench.