Got offered gurley and Evans

For Beckham and Melvin Gordon. I should jump on this right?

I would do it immediately. Accept this trade before the other guy reconsiders.

Gurley is ELITE, but I think the gap between him and Melvin is closer than that of Odell and Mike. I would lean the opposite direction, keeping Melvin and OBJ

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I agree with Chris, melvin gordon and obj are both 1st rounders and rightfully so - gurley is awesome but mike evans will not provide you with the same secure floor that you will have with obj.

Hmmmm . . . these guys make some good points. It is true OBJ has a higher floor than Evans, but honestly, I think Jameis might not be starter when he comes back, and Fitzpatrick is incredible for Evans, because he loves throwing deep balls to WRs instead of short passes to the TEs, which is what Jameis is more comfortable with.

As long as Fitzpatrick is the starter in TB, I think Evans will be a top 10 receiver. But if you don’t agree with that, then maybe keep Gordon/OBJ.

I took the trade cause I believe gurley will make a difference and I think Evans can equate Beckham if not be close. Also it’s only a 20$ league so if it fails in my face I won’t be too upset. Part of my thinks the bucks will have a better seasons than the giants and I believe Evans will be part. However I’ve been wrong many. Many times

I always like to think “why does this person want to make this trade”. He’s clearly giving up the better back, and all he really did was pushed the upside of Mike Evan’s boom week 1.Odell was getting great production even against the best secondary in the league last week, he is a dynamic player that is EASILY…a locked in high end WR1 every week.

I think it comes down to there’s a lot more unknowns to the Buc’s offense, and specifically Mike Evan’s production going forward. Best of luck to you though.