Got offered James White & NJoku for Gronk, full ppr

League member has been asking me all season what I want for Gronk. He came with NJoku and G.Allison for Gronk. I told him I need an rb. He asked me to look at his roster and see if anything interests me. He then came back with the White/NJoku offer. I am also rostering Brate, so NJkoku is really a throw away to me. So I’m seeing White for Gronk straight up. I’m in need of rb depth and am thinking of accepting.

Rest of my roster includes Gurley, Marshawn, D.Freeman, Ty-Mont at rb. Cooks, Shepard, Tate, Callaway, , Sanu at wr, and Brate I also accepted a Barkely/Tyreek Hill for Gurley trade which takes affect next week.
Rest of his roster includes Julio, M.Evans, Coutee, Watkins, Allison at wr. D.Johnson, C. Thompson, Lindsey, Morris at rb. Doyle

What does the footclan think? Counter-offers? differnt bundle?