Got offered Keenan Allen for Kupp and Phillip lindsey

10 team ppr. I’m 1-3 but third in scoring.
My other wideouts are Thielen, Boyd, Gordon, Galladay
My other RBs are Gurley, Mixon, Collins, Royce, and MCCoy

Take it. I just made a trade for Keenan allen where I gave up something similar to that.

I traded KUpp + Lindsay + Allen for Brandin Cooks.

Then I traded Cooks + Mariota + darnold for Allen + Baker. This is a super flex league.

I am also 1-3 in that league but wit hmost points against and like 4th in scoring. So very similar situation to you. Buy low on allen. Got a great matchup coming up vs oakland so might be the last chance to buy low on him.