Got offered Kelce, too much?

Current TE is J. Cook so in the market for a new TE. Talking to the Waller/Geseki owner and trying to work out a deal there, but also been throwing offers to the Kelce owner (who also owned Barkley) and he finally countered me back one, although i know it’s a terrible trade.

He Gives: Kelce
I give: Robinson, Hunt: Woods

My Team:
RB’s: Drake, Robinson, Hunt, Montgomery, Michel, Gaskin
WR: Thomas(Q), Moore, Woods, Lazard, Miller, Gage, Deebo(IR), Campbell(IR)

His team:
RB: Dion Lewis, Edmonds, Mattinson, Hyde
WR: Hilton, Mclaurin, Cole, Claypool, Byrd

His team is obviously trash and he’s trying to salvage the season but Kelce is just going to waste away on his team and i feel like i’m a good TE away from a solid roster.

Yes, way too much. Honestly if this is what he’s leading with then I wouldn’t bother. He’s not going to do a fair trade


Unfortunately agreed. Hopefully can iron out a fair deal with the Waller/Geseki owner

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I would send back a better offer. People can change and sometimes need the cobwebs shook out of their head.

Suggest you offer James Robinson for Kelce, at most. I’m not high on Robinson so that is a slam dunk for me. Others see his opportunity and you should know what you’re possibly giving away.

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He just declined Robinson AND Michel for Kelce, so think i’m done trying to aquire him. He’s 0-3 and at this rate will be winless if he doesn’t try and capitilize on the 1-2 good players he has

He countered again with Woods, Robinson, and Gaskin.

Still say it’s too much, but what do you think?

New offer on the table:

Get: Kelce, AJ Green, TY Hilton
Give: Robinson, Woods, Gaskin

this is the first offer that’s got me thinking :thinking:

Thoughts anyone?

I still wouldn’t accept that trade. You are giving up a lot of depth for essentially Kelce.

Hilton and Green are just not good so far for fantasy.

This is still not a trade of equal, or even similar, value for you.

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AJ Green and TY Hilton are not assets I’m buying.

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Thanks all for the advise. Turned down all the offers from the Kelce owner and managed to work out a deal with the Waller owner.

He gives: Waller, Corey Davis
I give: Woods, Montgomery

Totally satisfied with that trade. have plenty of WR depth and Monty was only my 4th best RB and was able to get a set-it and forget-it TE