Got offered Kupp And J. White for Tate and Cohen. Should I do it?

I think is a good offer. My team is pretty balanced so I think I might do it. What do you guys think?

If you are getting kupp and white. Take that and never look back. Especially if this is ppr

Yes. Give me Kupp > Tate ROS.

I don’t even want to own Cohen and prefer white to him by a lot in any ppr formats. You should definitely be selling white though if you do the trade. This is his ceiling and as the year goes on, his value will only decrease.

What would be a target for white. The league is standard.

Do you recommend me starting white tonight or kupp?

Team is

White/Kupp/Funchess/M. Williams

Oh this is a standard league? Going to be hard to trade White. I would take pretty much anything of value. See if you can go get John Brown or Aaron jones. Probably not but if you can, huge win.

Yeah i’d start Kupp over all those options.

Nice team btw, its super stacked.

Thanks bro have been able to trade my way out of the Leveon situation, and then miracously got a good deal for fournette almost for draft value before this week. 2-2 right now my record has improved.

Ok will be going forward with Kupp I mean. (edited). I actually kind of believe in white with burkhaed out. Pats are high powered and love to pass to the rbs. Why do u recommend to sell. I would obviously sell him for jones but its a smart league and his owner already knows to hold him.

White has very little value in standard scoring. He catches passes, thats about it. Doesn’t get goal line carries and going forward, his workload will diminish as Michel takes over more and more, similar to last year.

In standard his only value is if he scores. With Edelman back I can see his role decreasing. I will try and sell for the best I can.

Also in the start sit tool the footballers have in the home website, when I put who to start it says James white over kupp. I am also leaning kupp but that worries me. Gotta win this week.

Personally, I don’t rely on footballers or anyone for my own start sit decisions. I just do my own research, look at matchups and go with my gut.

Ok thanks brother. Rolling with KUPP. Lets get that DUB