GOT OFFERED mccafrey and golden Tate for Ezekiel Elliott!

What should I do? I am in first place at 6-3, probably almost in the playoffs, but I think that is a very good offer for a player that should miss 6 games.

Should I take the deal? Please help!!

I would take it but I’d also sit on the trade for another day and see what other offers you have out there maybe say he’s available and see who bites

This is a dumb offer. Accept. Two players are getting it done and in PPR McCaffrey is a decent play. 4 weeks till Zeke is back POSSIBLY. This seems like a good trade and a steal imo

Yeah I know. Its that zeke has been killing it and I am just worried that hell get another type of law thing and be able to play before the 6 games are up. I would be really pissed off if that happens.

Take the trade. The jig appears to be up.

Is it normal to account for what another team will have? Because the other guy already has lev bell and Melvin gordon. And he is at first place in his division. So if I get to the finals he would probably be my opponent. So do you guys think stuff like what if I meet him in the final it’ll be impossible for me to beat him.

Giving him zeke, Gordon, bell not a chance imo lol

yes absolutely take this. zeke wont be relevant. both of those players will help you get to the playoffs as well. whoever is offering you that is betting a good amount on themselves and are handicapping themselves for the next 4 weeks at the very least.

If it is a keeper league don’t do it. If re draft… DO IT!!!

Accept this. Zeke against seahawks? 15 points max. Not worth to hold him.

You have to make it to the finals for that to matter.