Got offered my choice of kittle or Hooper for Devante adams

I already have Waller on my team. Either seem like an upgrade but is it even close? I feel like Adams is better for the long run but they’re both elite

You’re giving up Adams in this case?

what are your other WRs?

I’d take Kittle (bias a Niners fan btw) and he puts up WR numbers anyways, he’s definitely an upgrade.

But if your WR depth is good, you can take it, and then maybe wheel around and sell Waller to a TE needy team for a WR, use byes/poor performances to leverage him.

I’d be the one giving up Adams

I don’t like it. Waller is a top 5 TE rest of season, you’ll be fine with him. Why give up a stud in Adams when you don’t really need to upgrade TE?

I have Godwin, Fuller, McLaurin, djax, and Beasly