Got offered this trade for Jay Ajayi

So as we all know Ajayi got traded and there’s a whole lot of hype surrounding his move to Philly. While I’m sure he will do better, I don’t know if he’ll get back to RB1 numbers by the end of the season so I got offered this:

Jay Ajayi & Josh Doctson for Jerrod McKinnon


Jay Ajayi & Josh Doctson for Aaron Jones

I play in a 2 QB, 3 FLEX, 8 player bench, 10 team league and NO PPR points . All TDs are worth 6 points (even for QBs) and all turnovers are worth -4. I’m currently sitting 6-2 and 1st in my league. This is currently what my team is looking like:

QB1: Carson Wentz
QB2: Dak Prescott
RB1: Kareem Hunt
RB2: Ezekiel Elliott*
WR1: AJ Green
WR2: Mike Evans
TE1: Zach Ertz
FLEX: Jordan Howard
FLEX: Jay Ajayi
FLEX: Michael Thomas
BENCH: Aaron Rodgers
BENCH: Tarik Cohen
BENCH: Corey Davis
BENCH: Dontrelle Inman
BENCH: Michael Crabtree
BENCH: Josh Doctson
BENCH: Evan Engram

I have mixed feelings about how he’s going to perform so that’s why I’m calling for your ever persuasive insight. The guy who offered me the trade also offered me Aaron Jones as a replacement for McKinnon. So I made a poll at the bottom for the guys that wish not to leave a comment, so go ahead and vote. If it’s not too much trouble write as to what choice you made. Appreciate all the insight guys, thanks.

  • Trade Jay Ajayi & Josh Doctson for Jerrod McKinnon
  • Trade Jay Ajayi & Josh Doctson for Aaron Jones
  • Keep Jay Ajayi

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