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Got Offered This Trade


Give: Jay Ajayi, Josh Doctson & Michael Thomas

Get: Jerrod McKinnon, Aaron Jones & Demaryius Thomas

Let me know what you guys think, thanks in advance.


Make the trade. Stash yer backs & then trade away Dem Thomas in another deal imo.


You think Thomas & Ajayi are worth Jones & McKinnon? I would mainly use Thomas as someone to trade after he hopefully lights up the Eagles.


I would say Thomas Ajayi are more valuable


I would not do that trade. Thomas is too valuable and your selling low in ajayi IMO.


Appreciate the feedback guys, what if I counter with Ajayi & Doctson for both Jones & Mckinnon? Would that work better? Or should I just hold on to the Jay Train all together?


Jay won’t be useful for 2 weeks. He’s a playoff stash for me because after his bye I think we will see he’s old self