Got one for y'all 10 tm Dynasty 1pt ppr

Zeke for Kamara at stright up??****

I’d want Zeke, he’s got a good deal, Cowboys clearly want to win now. Brees is going to leave at some point and I believe Kamara is a UFA after this season. Plus I just like Zeke better as an RB personally.

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I’d lean kamara.
We know Sean peyton will keep kamara active in the gameplan with or without brees, and post brees Kamara COULD be a dump off magnate. Murray is there so Kamara will most likely be on a snap count, though I would bank kamara still gets the lion share and should be bank for ppr.

IMO, Zeke is the better nfl rb, complete, and should dominate the touch count. I have a big worry in offensive identify with McCarthy, and am worried if he could not keep his job with Rodgers, then how does he make this team better. Big news is that oline just lost their starting center. If I were a zeke owner and I could get a haul I would move him.