Got the win but my team is in tatters

Somehow survived starting Cam, Allen, Moore, Rosas and duds from Ertz and Bills DST!

Lost OBJ and Aaron Jones and likely need to pick up options to replace Allen, Moore, Cam, OBJ in my lineup… two WR streams essentially and a QB stream in the title game - will be a long week!

Oh for good measure I’m also a Gordon owner with Jackson and Ware could be out too, talk about a decimated team…

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I hear you…It’s been a rough go for injuries…I’m going to have some interesting start/sit decisions to make in Championship week. Doesn’t help that I’m going up against a team that includes Gurley, Zeke, Hopkins, OBJ, Ertz, Luck, Chubb, Mixon (don’t ask how they assembled that team, because I don’t really know…it’s a 7 keeper league, they also had Kamara but I got him from them in the off-season for Ertz (Eagles fan)). My team had the potential to bring him down but then I lost Kareem Hunt and Aaron Jones…now I get to put all my chips on Spencer Ware? Elijah McGuire? Matt Breida vs CHI? Crampus? Jamaal ‘slow mo’ Williams (if I can get him off waivers)?
I’m going to have to swing for the fences with flex starts like Robby Anderson and Robert Foster :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:
Oh the joys of fantasy football…

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