Got this offer waiting for me

He wants to give me Chubb, N Harry, Mattison for Chark, Mark Ingram, Montgomery. Should I just stay put? PPR with 1.5 premium for TE. 2 QB league with 3 wr and a flex

I have

QB: Brady, Jones, Dalton

RB: Bell, David Johnson, Edmonds, Singletary, Montgomery, Ingram

Wr: Michael Thomas, D hop, TY, John Brown, Chark, Diggs

TE: Kittle and Engram

He has

QB: Murray, Darnold, Goff

RB: Chubb, Saquon, Mattison, kerryon,

Wr: Lockett, Thielen, AJ Brown, Robby Anderson, Stills

Te: Waller, Henry godert

Bump for last second trade advice

I’d sit. Chubb owners are trying to dish out because of Hunts return soon. Chark, Ingram, and Monty all have a great RoS schedule. Your team will be loaded and come playoff time Ingram, Chark, and Monty could all be the reason you take the ship

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Stay you have the better side

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Yeah, this was my thinking it’s just hard not trading :joy:

I’m taking Chubb.

Hunt is coming back but I find it hard to believe they would move away from Chubb who’s been their best player to date and a guy they drafted. For sure hunt will take some touches, but ultimately Chubb is their guy. If anything Hunt is reliable enough to come on some snaps and give Chubb rest, making him even more efficient.

Montgomery has a good ROS so he’s worth speculating on, but to date he’s given nothing. I’m trying to sell him on that schedule. Ingram also has been losing most of his touches including the red zone touches to their lead RB (aka QB lol). I would try to keep Chark but your team is actually so stacked it doesn’t matter.

I’d get Chubb if I could; with Bell and Chubb and hopefully a healthy DJ, plus Hopkins Thomas, I think you’re winning the league