Got Trigger Happy with RBs - Keep/Trade

Had the 2nd pick in a 10-Team 0.5PPR Snake. Ok with my roster, but not super comfortable.

Like the title says, I fell hard for some of the RB talent in the draft and ended up pretty thin at other positions. Would love to get some advice on how to beat move forward, and what RBs I should consider holding onto for now, and who I should try to trade away ASAP.

The only spot I can see upgrading is TE which is a crap shoot anyway. You really can’t ever have too many RBs. You have solid WRs with Woods & Diggs and Dede is going to have a good year. If you want to put a package together to try and get a higher tier WR you could try that out, like Woods or Diggs with Sony to get Juju, Julio, OBJ or something like that.