Got TY for Howard/Burton

I got some flack from my league mates about this, but I think I got a good deal. TY has been fine when healthy this season, just that one dud against Oakland. Howard had a nice stretch but is clearly not working in that offense, ypc is terrible. I have Eric Ebron too, and I got tired of benching the wrong TE every week. I also have Marlon Mack, and a healthy Royce Freeman with a very nice schedule to finish the season, both of which I would play over Howard at this point. He’s been very annoying to put into my roster this season, great player, but needs a different offense. Plus, Howard/Burton are the 4th/5th options by now in Chicago, Hilton could be the top guy any given week. Here’s my ideal lineup now.

QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: Marlon Mack
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: Josh Gordon
TE: Eric Ebron
FLEX: TY Hilton
D/ST: Whoever
K: Fairbairn

Bench: Marquez V-S, Royce Freeman, Austin Ekeler, I have 3 defenses and I’m making a couple changes during waivers on Sunday.

I feel like this deal helped me get rid of players I didn’t want to use, and forces me to play a better lineup. I hate to trade Howard, he was my 2nd round pick, but it was worth imo. Opinions? Any feedback is welcome.

You did well. Any time you can turn two bench pieces into someone you feel well about starting, and you have less weekly confusion, you win. Forget what they say. Just make the most of that extra slot with a good playoff defense.

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No doubt. Chose to play him today over Diggs. Party time :partying_face:

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Well I guess going either one wouldve been fine in hindsight lol.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! LOL…I’ll bet they’re REALLY ticked after what Hilton did today!!! Oh well…….their loss!!! LOL