Gotta Go All In on Boom Potential

Hey all

With my opponent this week I’ve really gotta be swinging for max potential points for a shot at winning. Ive got some choices to make with my WR2 and Flex, so out of the following I need 1 WR and 1 Flex that have give me the highest ceiling:

Boyd @ KC
Golladay @ MIA
Clement v CAR
Ito Smith v NYG

Boyd easily has highest ceiling and floor, Golladay’s ceiling and floor arent far behind Boyd but if you want to swing for the fences and go with the somewhat unknown potential of Ito I think his ceiling is a multi TD game since he is more of a goal line back on a high powered offense but if he doesnt get a TD i think his floor is pretty low. It just depends on how much risk you want to take.

Like the previous poster, i think Boyd at a weak KC defense is your best “boom” potential for WR2.

For Flex, i think i prefer Clement, i’m not too sure on his health so i would make sure that he’s healthy first, but i would think that it would be Clement > Smallwood for goalline carries.

I can’t really comment on Ito because i don’t really know much about him other than hes playing behind Coleman, but assuming the Giants can piece together a half decent game (and not even confident about that) i can see it being more of a shootout than run-heavy.

I can see this being a higher scoring game but i also think ATL will get out to a lead early and try to run out the clock. I dont really think Coleman’s role will really change all that much and Ito will step into the Freeman roll, I dont see him being near as good as Freeman was or even as good as Coleman but I think he will have plenty of opportunities.

I don’t like Golladay vs Miami. They are pretty stout against the pass. Boyd for sure has the most upside in his match up.