Gotta pick 2 of 3 Rb's

10 team half point ppr league. Landed the 10th pick for the 3rd year in a row. Looking at mock drafts I’ve done so far, I can usually get 2 solid running backs at the back end. Looking at choosing 2 of either melvin Gordon, fournette or Kareem hunt. I’m thinking if Gordon gets to me at the 10th, going hunt and Gordon. Alternatively if Gordon doesn’t make it, I wouldn’t be opposed to grabbing someone like obj and fournette/hunt. Thoughts?

Ps. League mates usually go heavy rb in the first 3 rounds

Since this is a PPR, I look at whether the RB is a pass catching back like Gordon or Hunt. Fournette may get more running volume this year depending on whether Lee’s injury is serious or not. If Gordon gone, I would draft Hunt and OBJ.

Gordon > Fornette >>> Hunt.