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Gotta start one of these WR. HALP!


Background: The matchup is close. less than 2pts proj difference.
Having to make this decision because TY is out… =(

Quincy Enunwa vs IND
Nelson Agholor vs NYG
Taylor Gabriel vs MIA
Christian Kirk vs MIN


Leaning Kirk. Honestly, don’t like any of those options. Keep an eye on Enunwa’s hand. If it seems better I could see myself playing him with a decent safe floor.


Dont let projections play into it too too much.

Look at the match up they have and play that.
I like Gabriel vs Miami personaly. but we saw last week that darnold can work the big plays, so enunwa is in the mix as well.
if you think Agholor will get into the endzone (with the poop tornado that is the eagles backfield rn they may be chucking it more)
Kirk hell no against the vikes.


I still think there is a connection with Enunwa. He had a 34 yard td grab but was blatantly held but it wasnt called. I would rank it Enunwa,Gabriel, Agholor and Kirk in that order.


I could see that, i think the biggest factor will be whether or not you think Gabriel gets into the endzone before the bears 2nd possession in the 3rd quarter. By that point itll be cohen and howard running 5/6 plays