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Gould or Lutz?


For the season who u think is the better option?


I like kickers on teams that move the ball and struggle in the red zone. When was the last time Drew Brees struggled in the red zone?


I like Lutz. He’s in a dome most of the season.


Very true…


Gimme Solid Gould.


Lutz, I worry about the 49ers getting points this week


For this week, I’d probably agree (though I do think the 9ers may move the ball a good bit, which could also mean a good week for Gould). Season long, Gould is among my favorites


Silver and gould, lutz shall mold.


Yea I’m sticking wit Gould in my league last year Gould finished 3rd overall for kickers only 2 pts away from goskowski and Gould only had jimmy G for less than half the year if he had him all year shit he might hav been the best kicker in fantasy last year…