Grab Baldwin off of waivers?

Someone in my league just dropped Doug Baldwin. Should I pick him up?
Its .5 PPR with only a 4 man bench.

RBs: D. Cook, D. Freeman, S. Michel, K. Drake
WRs: A. Brown, A. Robinson, R. Woods, K. Golladay, C. Ridley

I think I’ll drop Kenyan Drake but I really don’t need another WR. I think I’ve got a great group as it is. Baldwin is also a health risk with 2 bad knees.

Additionally, this league awards 1 point for every 10 rushing yards and 1 point for every 20 receiving yards, so there is a double handicap on WRs… and no decimals… 19 receiving yards = 0 points, (I fucking hate the rules in this league).

I plan on dropping kenyan drake. 6 rushing attempts in the last 2 games is pathetic. I think I’m going to grab another RB, but should I just get Baldwin instead of T.J. Yeldon or Bilal Powell? Those are the best 2 options.

Does anyone feel confident on him?

I think you gotta pick him up. Drake is not great and it seems like you could trade at least one of those receivers to somebody to get a decent RB back!

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I would and then I would trade a WR for a back like gmeyer23 suggested.

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good idea. I didn’t think of that