Grab Chark?

Should I try to get Chark?? Got second WW claim and # 1 claim has Jimmy G (BYE THIS WEEK) and CAM (NOW OUT FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG). He’s OBVIOUSLY targeting a QB. My WR’s are:

Tyreek (OUT)

Thinking seriously about trying to grab CHARK while I still can. Only two I’m considering dropping for him are Kirk and Brown. Would you do it???


Bumping. Really, really curious what y’all would do. Sitting at 1-2 now. Won this week…FINALLY!!!...BUT…still sitting @ 9th out of 10. Definitely need to make some decisions here my friends!!!

Thanks a MIL for any feedback!!!

I’m targeting him in a league as a depth piece but I’m dropping no one really of value for him just yet

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TY for your feedback. So…think I should sit tight with what I’ve got?

I personally think you sit tight, you have a pretty decent group of wr’s you’re working with, I don’t like Chark any better than any of the guys you currently have.

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Who do you plan to drop for Charles maybe do brown but your guys look pretty good going forward

@moonshotselectah…huge thanks my friend. Reckon it’s just that sweating it almost coming in at 0-3. Finally pulled it off in the 4th quarter. I’m FINALLY feeling kinda good with what I’ve got AFTER TEARING UP THE WW THESE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS…just still getting over the "OMG’s…THIS is it!!! I’m DONE I reckon!!! Thanks bunches for the help buddy!!! :handshake:

I was thinking Kirk or Brown…more likely Brown.