Grab Titans Handcuffs?

Any news on who the players are who are impacted with these positive tests?

Is it worth grabbing players like Evans as Henry’s back up etc incase key starters are impacted?

at this point with the game being rescheduled i wouldnt think so yet. I dont even know if they plan to release who had it

maybe i would grab Evans, but other than that I’m not grabbing any Titans because of this, based on Baseball, they’ll miss this week, potentially 1 more, and be back if they tested positive, so long as they then test negative. Evans worth the stash i guess though, no one else.

Yeah thinking it would just be Evans otherwise there’s no one else really.

Planing for week 5 possibly if Henry did have it, it could be week but could be longer it’s hard to tell.

I’d have to drop Harris or Brian Hill so not sure if they’d be better holds for the minute. Evans would really just be trade bait for the Henry owner tbh. (14 team PPR so it’s thin waiver wise).