Grabbing up other's handcuffs

While most handcuffs in my league are fine to stay on the waivers, I noticed that the opponent in my league who has LevBell left James Connor on the waivers. Given the possibility that LevBell goes down and the fact that Pittsburgh uses the LevBell handcuff in serious ways, I decided to go ahead and swipe up Connor by dropping Andy Dalton (my 3rd QB behind Andrew Luck and Carson Palmer).

Is this a smart gamble or a waste of space?

I’d say it’s a fine gamble. Overall Dalton would rank above Palmer in fantasy, but Palmer has a decent week 1-4 schedule against DET, IND, DAL, SF. Luck wasn’t put on PUP which means they expect him to play before week 6 (minimum holdout requirement). He was expected to be ready for the regular season with a 6 month time table back in Jan. so it gives you a pretty good layover at QB if you want to take that handcuff.

I’d rather have the handcuff than a 3rd QB, but if there is anyone on waivers who could be a plug and play value to your team, I’d take that instead. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Connor will produce like Bell if Bell goes down.