GRADE - Kelce and Thielen for Mixon and Keenan Allen

Footclan! What do you think?

I Give: Travis Kelce and Adam Thielen

I Receive: Joe Mixon and Keenan Allen

.5 PPR Dynasty.

What sort of options do you have for a TE replacement? If its reasonable, I would take it


Exactly what @vincenzo46 said


Actually. Not much. I took over this team for a guy that wasn’t doing much and missed out on the draft for the most part.

I’ll have Charles Clay but plan to pick up Ricky Seals Jones and hope the Cardinals turn around at least a little once Rosen gets in.

This is more of a future play but could help me do some damage yet this year.

What does the rest of your roster look like? If you have a decent WR2 outside of theilen then I wouldn’t do it.

My Roster: keep in mind these were not my decisions. :wink:
Drew Brees
Jared Goff

Latavius Murray
Mark Ingram
CJ Anderson
John Kelly

Adam Thielen
Chris Godwin
Tyrell Williams
Geronimo Allison
Ted Ginn

Travis Kelce
Charles Clay

i think you could get more bang for your buck and shouldn’t do it

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I suppose I could shop it around a bit. I don’t have much hope this year so am looking to build for the future.

@falcones404 makes a good point. I’d definitely shop around first. With a roster like that you’ll likely need to build for the future.

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I would try to trade Brees and another piece to try and get a starting RB. Thielen and Kelce are your biggest potential point scorers, and trading them away for a wash with Allen, and a major downgrade at TE.

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I would probably consider allen an upgrade, albeit a small one. The TE is definitely a big down grade. But Mixon is a great back to have for this year and going forward if you keep people for future years. I would take Mixon long term over Kelce. And allen over thielen (I think Allen is actually younger too).

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