Grade Muh Roster

Hello all!

We just finished our year 3 PPR dynasty rookie draft. This is my roster after about 6 trades and some draft picks. So how’d I do?

|A. Rodgers|QB|
|L. McCoy |RB|
|D. Murray|RB|
|A.J. Green|WR|
|D. Thomas|WR|
|H. Henry|TE|
|J. Gordon|WR|
|J. Smith-Schuster|WR|
|S. Lee|LB|
|J. Schobert|LB|
|C. Jordan|DE|
|K. Neal|S|
|B. McDougald|S|
|D. Perryman|LB|
|A. Dalton|QB|
|Mason Rudolph|QB| Drafted 3.04
|A. Robinson|WR| Acquired from Trade
|R. Woods|WR|
|C. Beasley|WR|
|K. Britt|WR|
|K. Cole|WR|
|C. Davis|WR| Acquired from trade
|James Washington|WR| Drafted 3.03
|Tre’Quan Smith|WR| Drafted 4.08
|Marcell Ateman|WR| Drafted 5.08
|Royce Freeman|RB| Drafted 1.08
|T. Coleman|RB| Acquired from Trade
|T. Cohen|RB|
|A. Collins|RB|
|J. Allen|RB|
|D. Njoku|TE|
|V. Davis|TE|
|B. Watson|TE|
|C. Dunlap|DE|
|B. Breeland|CB|
|J. Matthews|WR|
|L. Collins|S|

I like your QB and WR core. Good balance of experience and youth. I desire a bit more from your RBs, got some pretty old fellas for a dynasty league and your young players still need to be proven. I would be excited about that Freeman pick though.

BONUS TIP: you should leave any league playing with defensive players.


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Hey thanks for the input Bryan!

I agree with you on basically all your points. I know my RBs are a lil lacking but compared to last year they are much better I think. During this off season is when I traded for Collins, Cohen, and Coleman. So hopefully some of them pan out.

And about the IDP part, I kinda like it. It’s a good mix up from the norm. But I totes understand why someone wouldn’t like it. Can be difficult sometimes.

Only messing with you about the defenses! Not my flavor, but I know some people like it!