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Grade my Draft! 12 Team .5PPR



Rd. Pick# Player Pos.

  1. (10) A.J. Green WR
  2. (15) Melvin Gordon RB
  3. (34) Rob Gronkowski TE
  4. (39) Michael Crabtree WR
  5. (58) Mike Gillislee RB
  6. (63) Golden Tate WR
  7. (82) Danny Woodhead RB
  8. (87) Seattle DEF
  9. (106) Dak Prescott QB
  10. (111) Donte Moncrief WR
  11. (130) Darren McFadden RB
  12. (135) Theo Riddick RB
  13. (154) Robby Anderson WR
  14. (159) Jamaal Charles RB
  15. (178) Cairo Santos K


D, because u drafted defense 8th, Gillieslee 5th, and jamaal might not even make the team.


i dont think a D is fair. i dont like the D in the 8th, and i dont like getting gronk in the 3rd because now you are weak at RB. i dont mind jamaal at all in the 14th. thats a free player and if jamaal DOES happen to hit, hell yes. i do like your WR core. not so much your depth at WR though. green, gordon, crabtree and tate will win you games. gronk will too obviously, so long as he plays.

i would give this a C+