Grade my draft FOOTCLAN

0.5 PPR 3 Keeper League 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 2 WR/RB/TE FLEX

1.01 - David Johnson
2.12 - Dez Bryant
3.01 - Rob Gronkowski
4.12 - Demaryius Thomas
5.01 - Keenan Allen
6.12 - Jarvis Landry
7.01 - Doug Martin
8.12 - Terrance West
9.01 - Matt Forte
10.12 - Kenny Britt
11.01 - Kareem Hunt
12.12 - Kenny Stills
13.01 - Samaje Perine
14.12 - Anguan Boldin (retired day after draft :frowning: )
15.01 - Andy Dalton
16.12 - Kenny Golladay

I have not played in a keeper league, but that looks very solid.

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Andy Dalton on the 15 a steal!!! Overall, pretty good. B+

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Yeah some solid picks. Like that you got consistent, low risk WR’s after the David Johnson pick. Gronk in the 3rd is a nice choice also. Slightly worried about your second RB. If Martin returns from suspension and does what I THINK he can do you’ll be just fine, if not it’s a bit worriesome, but that’s any team and any draft. You have to make sacrifices some where but overall I think this is a solid team for sure!

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Thanks Josh! I am a little worried about my RB2 slot. Maybe mid season I can pull off a trade or something.

Since you drafted Doug Martin and intend to keep him until after suspension you should pick up Jaquizz Rodgers if he is off the waivers. That way you have a starter right away. If Rodgers does anything like he did last year then you will be fine.

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He was drafted or else I would have.

Love that team now that Ware is hurt which gives you a solid RB until Martin is back.